SlimQ F330: A groundbreaking 330W laptop charger designed for gamers and creators

Introducing the SlimQ F330, the game-changer in power adapters and chargers for gaming laptops with its compact size and 330W output. 🔌🔋

The Current situation of gaming laptop chargers

  • 📏 Large: Big certainly isn’t the best or most beautiful when it comes to chargers. It’s time to opt for a smaller, more powerful model.
  • 🧱 Too Heavy: Some gaming laptop chargers can make it feel like you’re carrying a brick around with you. No one wants that! The charger is an essential accompaniment, so it makes sense to make it as light, portable and unobtrusive as possible.
  • 🔧 Single Function: It’s OK to be single-minded, but when it comes to chargers, it’s better to be multi-functional. You can save space by getting the SlimQ F330 to handle all your charging needs, from one compact unit.
  • 🤢 Ugly: Little thought has been given to the design of chargers, making them an unattractive necessity that’s just there to do a job. If you find yourself hiding your chargers, the new SlimQ 330W is here to change that.

Introducing the world’s smallest 330W laptop charger

Powerful gaming laptops require reliable power supply. Introducing the new SlimQ 330W charger, smaller, lighter, and faster than any other similar gaming laptop charger available.

If you want to keep your laptop running without the burden of a bulky brick-shaped charger, the GaN-based SlimQ 330W charger is your best choice.

  • Compact and Lightweight: The SlimQ F330 is designed to be incredibly portable, weighing only 19.7 ounces (560 grams) and measuring a mere 3.54 x 1.26 x 4.96 inches (90 x 32 x 126.2 mm). It’s perfect for gamers, creators, and professionals on the go.
  • Universal Compatibility: No matter which gaming laptop you have, the SlimQ F330 can charge it. It comes with specially designed converters for different brands, ensuring compatibility and convenience.
  • Multi-Device Charging: Say goodbye to carrying multiple chargers. The SlimQ F330 features two USB-C PD3.0 ports that allow you to charge three devices simultaneously. Charge your laptop, phone, or tablet all at once, making it ideal for multitasking.
  • Heat Reduction Technology: Don’t let heat slow you down. The SlimQ F330 is designed to reduce heat by 30% compared to other chargers in the same power category. Enjoy long gaming sessions or heavy tasks without worrying about overheating.
  • Super-Fast Charging: Powered by advanced Gallium Nitride (GaN) technology, the SlimQ F330 delivers charging speeds 2.5 times faster than regular chargers. Supporting all standard fast charging protocols, it can charge devices like an iPhone from 0% to 50% in just 27 minutes. Get back to gaming or work quickly with lightning-fast charging.

The SlimQ F330 supports all standard fast charging protocols, such as PD 3.0, PPS, QC 4+, SCP, FCP, and more.

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